An META escapee from the Veranda Camp Detention Center who serves as a key figure in the fight against The Corporation.
Jonathan Parker
Parker is CEO of The Corporation. It is through his leadership that the organization has risen in power.
Parker's digital assistant, who has near infinite access to all aspects of The Corporation.
Synthetic humanoids who were designed to form the bulk of Centercorp’s security force.
S.E.G.s 2.0
Enhanced versions of the S.E.G.s with special abilities that allow them to contend with META's.
The Twins
Highly intelligent META siblings whose ability to link their minds has been instrumental to the Resistance.
A META who had been manipulated by The Corporation before breaking free of their control.
The Corporation
A conglomerate of companies that merged into a powerful organization after helping the U.S. rebuild.
Formerly the Tri-state area, this massive city is a shining example of what The Corporation is capable of.
November 25th, 2023

Back at it!

It’s been a while since the strips or their sites received any love as adulthood has taken up a good amount of my time. That said, I’m working on changing that! As you can see, the sites have been updated to a new, more mobile friendly and (hopefully) modern design.

The next step is to start working on the strips again, with a tentative plan to start them up in the beginning of the New Year.




The Gimblians

Visit a magical world with a motley group of little people known as The Gimblians. Share in their adventures as they fight off enemy attacks, giant monsters and poorly cast spells.
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Misfits of Fandom

Misfits of Fandom is about a diverse group of kids dealing with everything from first dates to “geek” hobbies. If you spent your childhood watching the original Star Wars Trilogy hundreds of times or reading every issue of Detective Comics, then this is the series for you.
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