The Series

Welcome to the future. A world where crime has nearly been eliminated and the citizens live in peace. Unfortunately the United States is no longer the democracy it once was. People now live under the rule of the Corporation, whose vision of the future is the only acceptable one. Worse yet, the children of Trisector are held in “Youth Facilities” until a time they are deemed ready to enter society. Blind to this injustice, the people of Trisector go about their day naively thinking their children are happy and safe. Thankfully a young man known as Freedom is fighting to free their children and undo what the Corporation has done.

The Artist

I’ve been working professionally since I was 16, doing background art for Acclaim Comics (formerly Valiant Comics). When I graduated high school, I enrolled in The Fashion Institute of Technology, where I received my Bachelors in Fine Arts, majoring in Illustration. During my final year I began working as a Graphic Designer in Atlantic City, helping to design casinos. After graduating, I worked in Atlantic City for some time before returning to NYC to work as a graphic designer for the Bomvyx Corporation designing men’s apparel such as ties and shirts. Presently I am working at Selini Neckwear as a web and graphic designer while self syndicating my own comic strips.

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